Celebrate the power of conversation

Imagine a world…

Where talking about how we feel and what we want is part of everyday life.

Where the words we say to each other and to ourselves inspire us to banish self-doubt and instead of comparing and judging we build each other up to “walk on” with courage and confidence.

We are passionate about making this world real for you.

We do this by offering coaching, mentoring and talks, complemented by our “Talk on to Walk on” podcast providing powerful platforms to inspire and encourage meaningful conversation.

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Our Story

Husband and wife team, Michelle and Patrick Walters, met midlife. Whilst traditionally seen as a time to slow down, their mid-life meeting presented them with a timely opportunity to embrace new beginnings. Within months of their marriage the world locked down and, together with millions of people, Michelle and Patrick decided it was time to make some major lifestyle changes.

The transition opened their eyes to many learnings and conscious conversations continue to play a fundamental role in their thriving and ever evolving partnership.