Our Story


Husband and wife team, Michelle and Patrick Walters, met midlife. Whilst traditionally seen as a time to slow down, their mid-life meeting presented them with a timely opportunity to embrace new beginnings. Within months of their marriage the world locked down and, together with millions of people, Michelle and Patrick decided it was time to make some major lifestyle changes.

The transition opened their eyes to many learnings and conscious conversations continue to play a fundamental role in their thriving and ever evolving partnership.

Individually they bring decades of experience in life and business to Talk on to Walk on. Together, they make a dynamic team determined to draw on their collective learnings to elevate and transform the lives of those who, like them, are eager to embrace change and reap the rewards.


Growing up in Liverpool, Michelle was the first in her family to go to university. At just 23 she qualified as a lawyer with a leading UK firm practising for 10 years as a defendant litigator.

In 2002, Michelle’s dad died of a brain haemorrhage, her daughter Hannah was born, and her mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Michelle hit a wall and after an anxiety diagnosis she left her legal career following immense pressure to return to work.

The simple yet powerful question of “are you ok?” from her doctor and the lack of any meaningful conversation with her employer had a huge impact on her life.

From a business perspective, Michelle ploughed ahead and went on to build a design agency and business consultancy adding 18 years’ experience in strategy to her legal skills.

Combining her unique skill set she became a top collaborator, connector, project manager, business turnaround specialist and mentor to CEO’s and young entrepreneurs.

Contributing to the economic regeneration of Liverpool City Region, Michelle established long standing, senior business relationships. High-profile clients included KPMG, Alder Hey Children’s hospital, Bilfinger Berger, FCC Construction, Macquarie Capital Bank, John Laing, Kier and Interserve. Michelle was hired by the UK’s largest media company, Reach Plc and led the turnaround and transformation of the Liverpool City Region Business Post.

Michelle is an award-winning networker, member of the prestigious Northwest Business Insider “42 under 42” entrepreneurs alumni, a Northern Power Women judge and guest panellist on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Professional success had its personal price; unhealed childhood experiences growing up in an abusive household, miscarriages, a diagnosis of secondary infertility, an acrimonious divorce, and years of pressure running her business as a single mum led meant her endless distraction efforts led to more anxiety and bouts of burnout. 

Marrying Patrick in 2019 and the pandemic pause of 2020/21 allowed the opportunity for an extensive time of reflection, two years of counselling, major life changes and an International Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Leadership Development.

As a result, “Talk on to Walk on” was born…


After three decades working at the top of large businesses, Patrick’s passion is to invest his time in supporting individuals and organisations to meet their goals. Alongside Michelle he is an investor and advisor to several start-up and scale-up businesses in the UK.

Patrick was born in Kenya with most of his childhood and teenage years spent in the African outdoors and Indian Ocean. At the age of 8 he was sent to school about 600km from his home in Mombasa, followed by secondary school in the UK. As a result, Patrick built lasting resilience, insight, and independence. Despite his school tutor’s scepticism, Patrick applied to and graduated from Oxford University with a First Class degree.

His career highlights include four years with KPMG in London followed by three years in Paris and London with the Walt Disney Company. Senior leadership positions with P&O Ports in the UK and USA included him becoming one of the youngest Managing Directors in the group, aged 39.

He spent five years at the UK’s largest ports company, Associated British Ports, before being lured to Liverpool in 2014 by Peel Ports, owner of the Port of Liverpool, Manchester Ship Canal and other ports around the UK and Ireland. Patrick played a leading role in the development of Liverpool’s £400 million container terminal leaving a legacy of world class infrastructure which has created and secured 1000’s of jobs in the Liverpool City Region.

Patrick’s international experience meant working with diverse teams operating within different corporate cultures during good and often challenging times. He developed a reputation for empathy and active listening whilst allowing individuals to feel valued and recognised.

Patrick has mastered the benefits of compartmentalising to gain clarity of thought and resolve issues of stress. He applies a structured approach to personal development, has a natural coaching style in both one-to-one and group settings and is determined to share his learnings with anyone who aspires to high performance and seeks success at whatever stage of their life or career.

In recent years, Patrick has developed a passion of learning about the link between physical and mental wellbeing and is an advocate for self-care as a pre-requisite for personal growth and fulfilment. This knowledge will play a fundamental part of Patrick’s contribution to “Talk on to Walk on”…