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The “Talk on to Walk on” podcast shares real life stories from inspirational guests who, through the power of conversation and positive self-talk, have found the courage and confidence to walk on to where they are today. Their backgrounds are diverse, but their stories have a common theme that leave the listener feeling uplifted and inspired to open up about feelings and life goals.

Let’s “Talk on to Walk on” and see where it leads…

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Do you struggle with Big Decisions?

Are you someone who prefers staying in your comfort zone or have you changed your life by making big decisions? In their latest podcast episode, Michelle and Patrick discuss the importance of making big decisions and share their personal experiences. Michelle talks about her decision to end her first marriage while Patrick shares his experience of choosing to leave a stable job. In...

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Midlife Muddle Habits

Our first Midlife Muddle episode gave an overview of the importance of mindset and touched on how the narrative around midlife is finally changing from doomy gloomy to one of opportunity. Whilst it’s all very well reading the headlines around “creating the life we want” and “finally being comfortable in our own skin” the reality is it doesn’t always feel that way. This is...

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Dare to dream whatever your age

Nic Byrne sees possibility everywhere. Approaching 20 years as a serial entrepreneur and alongside her business partner, she employs 40 people across her Urban Calm salons, training academy and spa with a purpose, Mini Madams. Those of us who know and love Nic will think of words such as “resilience", “grafter", and “smart”. Nic is now taking all that business and life experience and...

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Midlife Muddle

Have you ever heard anyone actually say, "I can’t wait to get to 40, 50 or 60…”? Whatever age you are, are you in denial about the prospect of midlife, or refusing to acknowledge you’ve hit midlife let alone begin to embrace the opportunities that midlife presents? Regular listeners will recall us asking our guests about their midlife mindset so we thought we would share...

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Is your self talk stopping you?

In this episode Michelle and Patrick discuss the power of self talk. Our inner voice influences how we feel, how we respond, and is key to our decision-making. Take a minute to think about what you’ve said to yourself today. Was it self critical? Or was it uplifting and helpful? Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those...

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Just Us – our podcast reflections

This is the first of our Just Us episodes where Patrick and I talk about mind health and wellness topics or quite simply what’s on our minds. In this episode we discuss Talk on to Walk on; our purpose and goals is an initial theme whilst looking back and reflecting on some of our most recent guests and their fabulous conversational contributions. We remind...

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Liverpool can do anything now – Claire McColgan CBE

Want to hear from the woman who has played a major contribution to the renaissance of Liverpool? Since winning European Capital of Culture in 2008 Liverpool’s transformation as a national and international visitor destination has accelerated to 71 million visitors to our city in 2022. At the centre and now at the helm of delivering world class events has been Director of Culture Liverpool, Claire...

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I am the captain of my destiny – John May

Apart from being an hilariously funny, social media sensation, actor John May has a brilliant story and many life lessons to share. A regular lad from Liverpool, who built a hugely successful barber shop, auditioned for acting school and never looked back. Credits include; Coronation Street, Little Boy Blue, Time and over 30 television adverts. A firm favourite for Liverpool Football Club fans was John playing...

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So much more than the luck of the Irish – Donna Scully

Leaving school at 16, Donna did not go to university but worked as a legal secretary knowing she wanted more… This is not your normal legal career podcast. Please pause and take a listen the fabulous Donna Scully. Yes, Donna is a lawyer of incredible standing, with many accolades but what jumps out is her less than conventional route to qualification. Her positive energy combined with...

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Shop girl to West End star and beyond – Eithne Browne

From Blood Brothers to Shirley Valentine, Educating Rita and so many more Liverpool born actress Eithne Browne has had a fascinating career in theatre and on screen. Her story leaping from shop girl to West End Blood Brothers star, stepping in for Barbara Dixon is fabulous. Eithne went on to star on stage in Shirley Valentine and Educating Rita to name a few and was...

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An ordinary man doing extraordinary things – with Bernie Hollywood

At 63 you’d think you'd want to slow down a little. Not our guest, Bernie Hollywood OBE, who has just completed a solo 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic in his “Boat of Hope” to raise awareness around young people’s mental health. An experience which almost ended his life. Over the last 40 years, Liverpool-born social entrepreneur, charity guru and adventurer Bernie, has raised...

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Kenya to Liverpool with a Disney stopover – with Patrick Walters

A gut reaction that my husband, Patrick is my guest this week could either be that it’s completely corny or that it has sparked curiosity. Patrick Walters is some-one whose upbringing and diverse life experiences never ceases to fascinate me. Highlights include Born and brought up in Kenya Learned to learning to fly with the RAF Worked for The Walt Disney Company Lived in Paris and the...

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I have the music in me – Jennifer John

A book is needed to list the countless achievements and credentials of Jennifer John. Not only the most incredible singer, composer, writer, vocal coach and mentor but Jennifer draws on her creativity and compassion to impact the lives of the many. Training countless choirs including the award winning “Sense of Sound Singers”, as a vocal coach on The Voice and coach to many a famous...

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“The likeable lawyer with a heart full of Ireland” – Patrick Gaul

Patrick Gaul, in my eyes, is an unsung Liverpool and legal legend. We met 26 years ago on my first nerve wracking day as a trainee solicitor with leading Liverpool law firm Weightmans. Paddy, as he is known by many, was my first “boss” and instead of the anticipated query about my legal knowledge he immediately asked if I was a Red or Blue. As a...

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“The secret to living is giving” – with Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta makes it his daily mission to make a difference to people's lives. After experiencing the famous Tony Robbins fire walk at just nine years old he went on to become Tony’s top motivational speaker, meeting former presidents, prime ministers and presenting to business leaders across 43 countries. Ajay’s absolute determination to share his message is infectious and you will hear how, by making...

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“Cancer gifted me the chance to re-write my life story” – with Danielle McDermott

Danielle McDermott is a wonderful example of how the toughest of experiences can be turned into the best of experiences when looking through the eyes of positivity. As she was emerging from a number of years suffering with depression Danielle will never forget the 1st day of November 2018 when she found a small lump in her breast. While she says in her wonderfully titled book...

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“Living with cancer and bringing the smiles” – with Danny de Brabander

In January 2019 aged 37 Danny de Brabander was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer yet lives his life to be the best version of himself he can be. Alongside his many supporters at #TeamDDB, Danny has raised nearly £70,000 contributing towards bowel cancer research, his local hospital and foodbanks plus organising #randomactsofkindness that bring back the smiles to those in need across his community.

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“Do what makes you happy” – with Gaby Mendes

I want my power of conversation message to reach people of all ages but accept young adults may not rush to listen to my podcast; one way to reach them is to celebrate, connect and have conversations with those of the younger generation who are doing great things. As the founder of Talk Twenties, Gaby Mendes is doing just that. Her podcast has over 20,000...

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“Michelle, it’s time to walk the talk” – with Michelle Walters

Michelle Walters is the creator and host of Talk on to Walk on, the podcast which shares real life stories from inspirational people who, through the power of conversation, have found the courage to walk on to where they are today. After releasing four guest interview episodes with hugely positive feedback from her listeners, Michelle has been repeatedly asked to start sharing her own...

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“No Emma, you’re an actor” – with Emma Grace Arends

Emma Grace Arends is a successful actor, incredible singer and all round multi-talented performer. With roles spanning across Shakespeare, gritty tv dramas, children’s film productions and a multitude of musical theatre performances. Emma's career in film, television and theatre has also taken her beyond the UK to Australia and the United States. I promise you Emma’s life lessons are not only relatable to the...

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My “Talk on to Walk on” podcast was born out of my mission to get people talking to each other and to take my many life lessons and turn them into something of value.  The aim is to create something I wish I’d had access to that would have made me slow down, listen to the right people, and reflect on their wisdom and advice.  I could then have talked about what I was going through. It took me way too many years before I finally found the courage to open up and I want that to change for everyone who is going through something similar at whatever stage of their life.