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Do you struggle with Big Decisions?

Are you someone who prefers staying in your comfort zone or have you changed your life by making big decisions? In their latest podcast episode, Michelle and Patrick discuss the importance of making big decisions and share their personal experiences.

Michelle talks about her decision to end her first marriage while Patrick shares his experience of choosing to leave a stable job. In their conversation, they highlight the importance of reflecting on what you really want, taking care when seeking the opinions of others especially the couch critics, tuning into your gut, and creating your own story to tell.

If you struggle with making big decisions, this podcast is definitely for you. Don’t allow your life to drift, do take action and create the life you want. Remember, age is not an excuse! #BigDecisions #PersonalGrowth #Reflection #TakeAction #Midlife #CouplesConversation

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Midlife Muddle Habits

Our first Midlife Muddle episode gave an overview of the importance of mindset and touched on how the narrative around midlife is finally changing from doomy gloomy to one of opportunity.

Whilst it’s all very well reading the headlines around “creating the life we want” and “finally being comfortable in our own skin” the reality is it doesn’t always feel that way. This is especially true if we don’t have at least a few good habits to help get us through the days when our joints are aching, we’re exhausted or we’re cracking up because, for the 10th time, we’ve forgotten where we’ve put our glasses or why we came up the stairs…

You will know which habits you either need to ditch or which habits you need to work on but if you want to hear our midlife habit experiences, ideas and top tips to not only survive but thrive in midlife and hopefully beyond then…

Let’s ‘Talk on to Walk on’ and let’s see where it leads…

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Dare to dream whatever your age

Nic Byrne sees possibility everywhere.
Approaching 20 years as a serial entrepreneur and alongside her business partner, she employs 40 people across her Urban Calm salons, training academy and spa with a purpose, Mini Madams.
Those of us who know and love Nic will think of words such as “resilience”, “grafter”, and “smart”.

Nic is now taking all that business and life experience and channelling it into her latest purposeful venture, Girls with Dreams Club.
The aim is to provide much needed support and guidance to girls throughout their challenging teenage years so they can go out into the world with the confidence to pursue their dreams.

As well as her talking about the reasons behind launching Girls with Dreams we discuss:
• The power of our network, working together for the greater good
• The realities of achieving success through hard work and
• Hacks to maintain a motivated, positive and purposeful state of mind as we transition into and through midlife.
Describing herself as an accidental entrepreneur, Nic Byrne is the epitome of what’s needed to walk on and go after your dreams, whatever your age.
I am delighted to be supporting her to spearhead a project to encourage and prepare the next generation of fabulous females to do the same.

Let’s ‘Talk on to Walk on’ with Nic and let’s see where it leads.

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Midlife Muddle

Have you ever heard anyone actually say, “I can’t wait to get to 40, 50 or 60…”?
Whatever age you are, are you in denial about the prospect of midlife, or refusing to acknowledge you’ve hit midlife let alone begin to embrace the opportunities that midlife presents?
Regular listeners will recall us asking our guests about their midlife mindset so we thought we would share our own midlife perspectives and experiences in a sub series called “Our Midlife Muddle”.
Our plan is to talk about topics which touch all of us as we work our way through what can be either an overwhelming or empowering stage of our lives.
Future episodes will take a dive into our habit changes, physical and mental wellbeing, careers and how relationships often alter as we navigate our midlife.
Even if you’re not close to 40 please do still listen, to prepare for life when your 40 plus era comes knocking on the door. I had no idea what to expect and was definitely in the denial category!
As always, we will be underpinning our stories with reminders about how the power of meaningful conversations can contribute to our midlife mindset reset.
Let’s ‘talk on to walk on’ and see where it leads…
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Is your self talk stopping you?

In this episode Michelle and Patrick discuss the power of self talk.
Our inner voice influences how we feel, how we respond, and is key to our decision-making.
Take a minute to think about what you’ve said to yourself today. Was it self critical? Or was it uplifting and helpful?
Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts are negative, being based on inbuilt beliefs often created by outside influences, especially other people and their opinions.

The episode includes Michelle and Patrick’s own techniques for tackling self talk with some revealing moments when they’ve had to dig deep to overcome their own feelings of overwhelm, self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Let’s talk on to walk on with Michelle and Patrick and see where it leads…

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Just Us – our podcast reflections

This is the first of our Just Us episodes where Patrick and I talk about mind health and wellness topics or quite simply what’s on our minds.

In this episode we discuss Talk on to Walk on; our purpose and goals is an initial theme whilst looking back and reflecting on some of our most recent guests and their fabulous conversational contributions.

We remind ourselves and our listeners that:-

– It’s ok to feel the way we do on certain days and in certain moments.

– Despite guest differences, there was a common theme of how younger and older generations can all influence, learn from and inspire each other.

– Our guests have developed their own life confidence in different ways and

– Every-one has their own very different story and life experiences to share and, through the power of opening up, can have a huge impact on others.

All worthy reminders for our regular listeners but also, if you haven’t listened to our podcast before, this episode is a great place to start.

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Liverpool can do anything now – Claire McColgan CBE

Want to hear from the woman who has played a major contribution to the renaissance of Liverpool?

Since winning European Capital of Culture in 2008 Liverpool’s transformation as a national and international visitor destination has accelerated to 71 million visitors to our city in 2022. At the centre and now at the helm of delivering world class events has been Director of Culture Liverpool, Claire McColgan CBE.

Alongside her incredibly loyal team and in partnership with stakeholders, Claire has delivered iconic moments embedded in the memories of the masses in Liverpool and beyond. Highlights include:-

2008 – a Giant Spider sprayed us with water as she walked around our city centre
2012, 14 and 18 – we watched in awe, and took to our hearts, 50 ft Giants immersing ourselves in the magic of their story
2015 – “The Three Queens” Victoria, Mary and Elizabeth cruise liners danced on The Mersey to celebrate 175 years of Cunard’s presence in the city
Liverpool FC end of season parades with images of Liverpool’s iconic waterfront shared across the world
2016 – The city united on the steps of St Georges Hall and the words “Truth” and “Justice” reflected the emotion of the affected Hillsborough families and fans who, after almost 30 years, were finally and formally exonerated
2023 – Liverpool hosted an unparalleled Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine when all of Claire’s exceptional diplomatic, creative and leadership skills delivered something extraordinary for the UK.
We also talk about how during the pandemic Claire and her team courageously put Liverpool’s hand up to mass testing and crucially led on ensuring large scale events returned to the UK and Europe – which you will hear was an incredibly stressful and emotional time for Claire personally.

Today, Liverpool’s cultural confidence is booming so let’s talk on to walk on with the woman who has been instrumental in making it all happen, Claire McColgan CBE.

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I am the captain of my destiny – John May

Apart from being an hilariously funny, social media sensation, actor John May has a brilliant story and many life lessons to share.

A regular lad from Liverpool, who built a hugely successful barber shop, auditioned for acting school and never looked back. Credits include; Coronation Street, Little Boy Blue, Time and over 30 television adverts.

A firm favourite for Liverpool Football Club fans was John playing a crazy chauffeur pranking first team players and a spoof sketch John co-wrote, directing Henderson, Robertson, Firmino, Matip, Lovren and Jones in their failed boardroom efforts to create a drink advert. A must see on ‘You Tube’ for any fan.

Since the beginning of lockdown, John has brought laughter to the masses leading to a huge social media following through the creation of his loveable Liverpool characters; ‘Turkey Teeth’, ‘Kenny and Karen Corona’, ‘Derek’ and ‘Craig’.

But by his own admission, John loves to continually challenge himself. Recently walking from one end of Great Britain to the other (over 1,000 miles) “opened his eyes to what’s important in life.”

The walk, in aid of “Weapons down Gloves Up”, took a poignant twist when, 300 miles in, John was joined by Tim Edwards, the father of Elle, who was horrifically killed on Christmas Eve 2022. The pair, who had never met, with the support of disabled driver, Brian Conlon, completed the journey together creating a lifelong bond of friendship.

John is an absolute joy who wears his heart on his sleeve especially when talking about mental health and his observations on life. Let’s “talk on to walk on” with John May and see where it leads…

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So much more than the luck of the Irish – Donna Scully

Leaving school at 16, Donna did not go to university but worked as a legal secretary knowing she wanted more…
This is not your normal legal career podcast. Please pause and take a listen the fabulous Donna Scully.
Yes, Donna is a lawyer of incredible standing, with many accolades but what jumps out is her less than conventional route to qualification.
Her positive energy combined with her warm Irish charm and wit shine through from the minute we begin to chat.
Donna openly shares her challenges and tenacity she demonstrated as she moved from Dublin to Newcastle then London to fulfil her qualification dream by the age of 30. Moving to Liverpool soon after, alongside her husband John she built leading legal practice, Carpenters Group, which employs around 1,000 people in 6 UK locations.
A quick scan of her vibrant twitter feed provides a wonderful flavour of Donna’s social values and beliefs. Donna is vocally passionate for social justice, social mobility, diversity and gender balance not only via her industry platform, but in her roles outside of law including as a mentor working with young females and as an ambassador/volunteer for ‘Fans Supporting Foodbanks’.
Other highlights include her take on and experiences with imposter syndrome as well as her refreshing outlook on midlife.
Let’s talk on to walk on with Donna Scully and see where it leads…
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Shop girl to West End star and beyond – Eithne Browne

From Blood Brothers to Shirley Valentine, Educating Rita and so many more Liverpool born actress Eithne Browne has had a fascinating career in theatre and on screen.

Her story leaping from shop girl to West End Blood Brothers star, stepping in for Barbara Dixon is fabulous.
Eithne went on to star on stage in Shirley Valentine and Educating Rita to name a few and was famed nationally for her five year role as Chrissy Rogers the long running, British soap opera Brookside, going on to appear in TV soap classics such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Locally in Liverpool, Eithne is adored not only for the joy she has brought to our local theatre goers over the years but for the depth and charisma she brings to each of her onstage characters.

Credits include Twopence to Cross the Mersey, Scouse Trap and Brick Up the Mersey Tunnels the latter which alone played to around 250,000 people.

At 68 and currently performing in “A Thong for Europe” celebrating Liverpool’s incredible hosting of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, Eithne is complete proof that age is just a number. Eithne shares a fabulous story and together, we share our mutual passion for theatre and our beloved Liverpool but we also go deeper into the mindset of this incredibly inspirational woman whose energy, vibrancy and passion for life is simply inspiring.

Her observational humour and quick wit brings many a laugh in our podcast conversation.

Let’s talk on to walk on with Eithne Browne and see where it leads.

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