An ordinary man doing extraordinary things – with Bernie Hollywood

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At 63 you’d think you’d want to slow down a little. Not our guest, Bernie Hollywood OBE, who has just completed a solo 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic in his “Boat of Hope” to raise awareness around young people’s mental health. An experience which almost ended his life. 

Over the last 40 years, Liverpool-born social entrepreneur, charity guru and adventurer Bernie, has raised over £42 million for UK and overseas charities. 

His achievements include:- 

  • trekking the north and south poles
  • reaching Everest base camp
  • cycling across the USA 
  • running in a race across the Sahara Desert 
  • running over 150 marathons, including 41 over 20 consecutive days

Bernie is also a world record holder, running the longest distance in seven days. In his Liverpool home, he contributed to the build of a local boxing club to help get vulnerable kids off the streets and put them on the right pathway and has received countless awards for his philanthropy. His overseas work includes building sustainable schools in Kenya. 

A key focus of our conversation is around Bernie’s immense mindset and how the power of conversation, connection and his love of community has led him to make the biggest impact on the lives of so many.

Let’s talk on to walk on with Bernie Hollywood and see where it leads.

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