Just Us – our podcast reflections

Just us – our podcast reflections

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This is the first of our Just Us episodes where Patrick and I talk about mind health and wellness topics or quite simply what’s on our minds.

In this episode we discuss Talk on to Walk on; our purpose and goals is an initial theme whilst looking back and reflecting on some of our most recent guests and their fabulous conversational contributions.  

We remind ourselves and our listeners that:- 

  • It’s ok to feel the way we do on certain days and in certain moments.
  • Despite guest differences, there was a common theme of how younger and older generations can all influence, learn from and inspire each other.
  • Our guests have developed their own life confidence in different ways and
  • Every-one has their own very different story and life experiences to share and, through the power of opening up, can have a huge impact on others.

All worthy reminders for our regular listeners but also, if you haven’t listened to our podcast before, this episode is a great place to start.  

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