Liverpool can do anything now – Claire McColgan CBE

Liverpool can do anything now – Claire McColgan CBE

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Want to hear from the woman who has played a major contribution to the renaissance of Liverpool?

Since winning European Capital of Culture in 2008 Liverpool’s transformation as a national and international visitor destination has accelerated to 71 million visitors to our city in 2022. At the centre and now at the helm of delivering world class events has been Director of Culture Liverpool, Claire McColgan CBE.

Alongside her incredibly loyal team and in partnership with stakeholders, Claire has delivered iconic moments embedded in the memories of the masses in Liverpool and beyond. Highlights include:-

2008 – a Giant Spider sprayed us with water as she walked around our city centre

2012, 14 and 18 – we watched in awe, and took to our hearts, 50 ft Giants immersing ourselves in the magic of their story

2015 – “The Three Queens” Victoria, Mary and Elizabeth cruise liners danced on The Mersey to celebrate 175 years of Cunard’s presence in the city

Liverpool FC end of season parades with images of Liverpool’s iconic waterfront shared across the world 

2016 – The city united on the steps of St Georges Hall and the words “Truth” and “Justice” reflected the emotion of the affected Hillsborough families and fans who, after almost 30 years, were finally and formally exonerated 

2023 – Liverpool hosted an unparalleled Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine when all of Claire’s exceptional diplomatic, creative and leadership skills delivered something extraordinary for the UK.

We also talk about how during the pandemic Claire and her team courageously put Liverpool’s hand up to mass testing and crucially led on ensuring large scale events returned to the UK and Europe – which you will hear was an incredibly stressful and emotional time for Claire personally.

Today, Liverpool’s cultural confidence is booming so let’s talk on to walk on with the woman who has been instrumental in making it all happen, Claire McColgan CBE. 

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