Do you struggle with Big Decisions?

Do you struggle with Big Decisions?

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Are you someone who prefers staying in your comfort zone or have you changed your life by making big decisions? In their latest podcast episode, Michelle and Patrick discuss the importance of making big decisions and share their personal experiences. 

Michelle talks about her decision to end her first marriage while Patrick shares his experience of choosing to leave a stable job. In their conversation, they highlight the importance of reflecting on what you really want, taking care when seeking the opinions of others especially the couch critics, tuning into your gut, and creating your own story to tell. 

If you struggle with making big decisions, this podcast is definitely for you. Don’t allow your life to drift, do take action and create the life you want. Remember, age is not an excuse! #BigDecisions #PersonalGrowth #Reflection #TakeAction #Midlife #CouplesConversation

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