Midlife Muddle Habits

Midlife Muddle Habits

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Our first Midlife Muddle episode gave an overview of the importance of mindset and touched on how the narrative around midlife is finally changing from doomy gloomy to one of opportunity.

Whilst it’s all very well reading the headlines around “creating the life we want” and “finally being comfortable in our own skin” the reality is it doesn’t always feel that way.  This is especially true if we don’t have at least a few good habits to help get us through the days when our joints are aching, we’re exhausted or we’re cracking up because, for the 10th time, we’ve forgotten where we’ve put our glasses or why we came up the stairs…

You will know which habits you either need to ditch or which habits you need to work on but if you want to hear our midlife habit experiences, ideas and top tips to not only survive but thrive in midlife and hopefully beyond then…

Let’s ‘Talk on to Walk on’ and let’s see where it leads…

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