Midlife Muddle

Midlife Muddle

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Have you ever heard anyone actually say, “I can’t wait to get to 40, 50 or 60…”?

Whatever age you are, are you in denial about the prospect of midlife, or refusing to acknowledge you’ve hit midlife let alone begin to embrace the opportunities that midlife presents? 

Regular listeners will recall us asking our guests about their midlife mindset so we thought we would share our own midlife perspectives and experiences in a sub series called “Our Midlife Muddle”.

Our plan is to talk about topics which touch all of us as we work our way through what can be either an overwhelming or empowering stage of our lives.

Future episodes will take a dive into our habit changes, physical and mental wellbeing, careers and how relationships often alter as we navigate our midlife. 

Even if you’re not close to 40 please do still listen, to prepare for life when your 40 plus era comes knocking on the door. I had no idea what to expect and was definitely in the denial category!

As always, we will be underpinning our stories with reminders about how the power of meaningful conversations can contribute to our midlife mindset reset. 

Let’s ‘talk on to walk on’ and see where it leads…

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