So much more than the luck of the Irish – Donna Scully

So much more than the luck of the Irish – Donna Scully

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Leaving school at 16, Donna did not go to university but worked as a legal secretary knowing she wanted more…

This is not your normal legal career podcast. Please pause and take a listen the fabulous Donna Scully. 

Yes, Donna is a lawyer of incredible standing, with many accolades but what jumps out is her less than conventional route to qualification.

Her positive energy combined with her warm Irish charm and wit shine through from the minute we begin to chat.

Donna openly shares her challenges and tenacity she demonstrated as she moved from Dublin to Newcastle then London to fulfil her qualification dream by the age of 30. Moving to Liverpool soon after, alongside her husband John she built leading legal practice, Carpenters Group, which employs around 1,000 people in 6 UK locations. 

A quick scan of her vibrant twitter feed provides a wonderful flavour of Donna’s social values and beliefs. Donna is vocally passionate for social justice, social mobility, diversity and gender balance not only via her industry platform, but in her roles outside of law including as a mentor working with young females and as an ambassador/volunteer for ‘Fans Supporting Foodbanks’.

Other highlights include her take on and experiences with imposter syndrome as well as her refreshing outlook on midlife. 

Let’s talk on to walk on with Donna Scully and see where it leads…

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